Canada  8b

Canada 8b

1858 (April 28) Folded printed circular to Donegal, franked with Half penny rose on the rare VERTICALLY RIBBED PAPER, just touching frameline at foot to large margins tied by diamond shaped grid cancel of Toronto, Shakespeare APR 28 1858 and Strasford AP 28 1858 transit backstamps; circular is severed along folds with small tear at bottom left, nevertheless an exceedingly rare usage of this particular short-lived paper type; according to the Firby Pence
issue census only two covers are known, this example and a newspaper, Fine (Unitrade 8b $6,000; Gibbons 21a £6,500)

Expertization: 2013 Greene Foundation certificate

Provenance: Dale-Lichtenstein, H.R. Harmer, Inc. Sale 10, December 1970; Lot 291
Ed Richardson, Firby Auctions, November 1991; Lot 456
Warren Wilkinson, Firby Auctions, June 2007; Lot 16
Daniel Cantor, Bennett Auctions, September 2011; Lot 285

Literature: Illustrated in Arfken, Leggett et al. “Canada’s Pence Era” book on page 136
(Figure 114) and Capex ’96 Gems of Canadian Philately on page 27.
Canada 8b
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