Canada Stampless
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Canada Stampless

1851 (April 6) Folded lettersheet mailed on Sunday April 6, 1851 – on this day the transfer took place of the Post Office in Canada from the control of the Imperial authorities to the Provincial Government. Manuscript rate “3” (to collect) and clear Bytown double arc dispatch datestamp in black at lower left, Montreal AP 8 datestamp in red on reverse; cover with central file fold, small repair and stained at right. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only recorded cover mailed on THE FIRST DAY OF POSTAL CONTROL FROM BRITISH TO CANADIAN AUTHORITIES – also being the official first day of the domestic 3 pence rate regardless of distance. An important cover ideal for exhibition, Fine; 2013 Greene Foundation certificate. ex. Daniel Cantor (September 2011; Lot 244), Colin Bayley (March 1993; Lot 519)

⋅ Canadian Postal Guide, published by Postmaster General, 1863 – reprinted in 1966 with note by Charles deVolpi.
⋅ Canada Its Postage Stamps and Postal Stationery, by Clifton Howes on pages 28-29.

Arfken, Leggett, et al. “Canada’s Pence Era” book on page 3 reads: “On April 6, 1851, when the Post Office came under provincial control, the letter rate became 3d per ½ ounce, independent of distance. This 3d paid for a half ounce letter mailed to any place in Canada (modern Ontario and Quebec). The 3d Beaver stamp was issued on April 23, 1851 to pay this domestic letter rate.”
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