Canada 29b, 37ii
Gary J. Lyon (Philatelist) Ltd.
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Canada 29b, 37ii

1873 (February 28) Blue legal envelope from Quebec to Wales displaying an unusual Large & Small Queen issue franking consisting of 15c red lilac on smooth horizontal wove paper perf 12 strip of three and a 3c dull red Small Queen (Montreal printing) perf 11½x12, tied by light Quebec FE 28 duplex dispatch, additional clear strike at top right; clear Abergavenny MR 13 CDS receiver. Minor edge wear and staining on reverse only, nevertheless in very good condition considering the weight it originally carried and distance travelled; a most impressive franking, Fine to Very Fine (Unitrade 29b, 37ii)

From January 1, 1870 and September 30, 1875 there were two rates in force to the United Kingdom - 6 cent per half ounce by Canadian Packet and 8 cents per half ounce by Cunard Packet via New York. As no instructional markings are shown, we assume that it travelled the slower route, by Canadian Packet (up to 4 ounces).

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