Canada 39a
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Canada 39a

1877 (March 11) Small lady cover bearing a seldom encountered vertically bisected 6c yellow brown, Montreal printing perf 12, half used for 3 cent domestic letter rate, well centered and choice, superbly tied by Norwood, Ont. MR 11 77 split ring datestamp to Toronto with clear Toronto Night MR 13 77 split ring receiving datestamp on back. A rarely seen early bisect cover originating from Ontario (most known examples are from the Maritime Provinces). Furthermore, the vast majority of known examples are bisected diagonally, Very Fine (Unitrade 39a; catalogue value $5,000)

Expertization: 2006 BPA certificate

Due to a shortage of postage stamps at small post offices, although unauthorized by postal authorities, the bisecting of stamps was tolerated and permitted without penalty.

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